4-Station Liquor Dispenser

Arguably the most important tool in a bar, this wall mounted 4 station liquor dispenser is going to take your home set up to the next level. Not only is this an excellent way of looking more professional than you actually are, its also great for effortlessly pouring the perfect drinks while impressing all your mates.

Certification: CIQ,CE / EU
Brand Name: Finether
Material: Metal
Diameter: <5cm
Material: Plastic, Aluminum and Food-grade ABS
Package Weight: 0.94KG
Package Dimension (H*W*L): 23*11*35 /9.01*4.3*13.8Inches
Suitable height: between 23cm to 34cm.
Model Number: 4-station Liquor Dispenser / Wine Dispenser

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