The bar, that legendary place where heroes are born, the weak perish early and many overly-embellished stories are crafted. Often seen as a pseudo-holy place to most men, its important that you keep yours looking good, and keep it stocked.

Bar Ware is the place where you can get your hands on all the necessities that a home bar could ever want and need. From cool, intriguing and outright crazy glasses for your whiskey, to the stock standard needed items that every bar has such as shakers and mixers, you are in very good hands.

Not only do we take care of your Glasses and cocktail mixing equipment, we also love to play games. More specifically, we love to play Drinking Games, and the way we see it, every bar needs at least a couple to tide you over on Saturday afternoon with all of your mates around after the BBQ. Most good stories, at least the ones we've heard, usually start with a bunch of blokes starting to play a drinking game, so why not craft some of your own great stories? 

Making that pub of yours look the part is something that’s arguably just as important as how well it works. With plenty of Decorations to choose from, you can make that home setup of your shine from the rest, literally. Drinking in an area that looks incredible and homey can tilt the entire experience from a boring night at the pub to a memorable experience that you'll talk about for ages!