Neon Bar Signs

Neon Bar Signs Australia

At Man Things we would like to provide you with some of the coolest toys, additions and ware available to men. We want to ensure that you have a selection of cool stuff, all in one place. One of the maddest additions to your home and pub, is a neon sign. There are a massive variety of signs available and they have a very specific classic look to them. We love the nostalgia and cool ambience that they can provide. A neon sign is one of of the easiest ways, to completely change the look of your bar. neon has that very specific glow that we often associate with the classic Aussie pub look. The great thing is, there are so many different styles avai lable, that the is a look and feel for anybody out there.

If you're in the market for a classic neon sign, have a look at our selection. We are sure we have the neon sign for you.

A Classic Look

Neon signs are part of the classic bar look. No successful pub on earth has made it without the help of a good quality classic neon sign. We know how important it is, for the impression to be just right so that the cold beers go down just as they should. Neon signs are proven to keep beers colder, and taste crisper. Blow the head off a cold one and impress your guests with the awesome neon sign hanging on the wall. Give off the right look, with some classic signs!

Neon signs are the gold standard for vibe improvement. If you need your watering hole lit, why do it with a standard classic boring light? Lighting can make all the difference. It can create the right look to go with your pub. Your mates will be massively impressed with the classic LED neon vibe the light can create.

Lighting is the light in the life your man cave. Forget the dull lighting and give your space that perfect custom look by making it your own. LED neon and a neon sign is an absolute cheat sheet to get your pub to look like a true Aussie icon. After a hard day, take your shoes off, pour some drinks and bask in the glow of your custom bar look with ya mates. A light with the right colour can make all the difference.

A great gift

A custom look for someone bar, is also a great gift. Everyone always complains at how difficult it is to buy gifts for men. That's where Man Things got it's start. We want to be the cheat sheet for gifts. Stop the search for second best, we've got some of the great classics right here in our store.

LED Neon Lights

Neon signs are awesome. It changes the whole look of a pub. A good old fashioned VB sign glowing in the dark, keeps the drinks flowing and the party going. A great idea, and at a reasonable price.

Whether you want a look inspired by nightclubs, a classic Aussie pub or something completely unique, your guests will feel the affect of some good music and lights suited for some sweet cocktails.

Fill your bars or venue with some great indoor neon lights stock. With some crisp brightness for any occasion and for any event.

In our store you will find several designs that will account for any taste, colour scheme or categories.

Brighten up you space with great led neon signs, that are great for indoor use on a venue stand that will breathe life into the new area.

The Classic Look

Led neon gives off a great look. It can be used to provide coloured light, or a custom neon glow. The options are almost endless. You can create any vibe or experience which you can imagine.

LED signs are also great, but they are different to the classic look provided by neon signs. Many people go for custom neon sign designs, but why pay the premium when we have great quality led neon signs right here in our shop, delivered straight to your door.

Neon Signs

Neon bar signs are a classic addition to decorate and brighten your man cave. Whether you need your bar lit, or give the local party some life you can send a great message with neons. At Man Things we appreciate a good bar, just as much as the next guy. A good old lighting set up, will guarantee your cave a top vibe to crack a few with the lads. Set a laid back mood with a neon signs install.

We guarantee all customers a great selection of colours and signs. From Americana to the fair dinkum Aussie classics, we have neon signs for any budget and look. if you are looking for a classic style neon sign that we do not have in stock, we might be able to source it for you. Please contact us with the sign that you are looking for and we will get into contact with you, concerning its availability.

Awesome vibe

We know how important it is to perfect your Man Cave, and here at Man Things, we have your back.

Neon Sign

Get your own custom neon sign or LED signs for your bar or pub right here on Man Things. Do you need a neon sign to liven things up a bit? A classic VB logo, Duff logo or XXXX logo can give you that great custom look that will suit any occasion.

Australia has some great classics. Celebrate our heritage and bring forth that classic Australia we were all born with. If this is what you are looking for, then your search has come to an end! Hang em on a wall or on a stand, plug in it and watch as the Aussie flag neon signs give off those homely blue colours that will give the right vibe to any event

Custom Neon Sign

Bars are a mad place to sink a couple with the lads. Why is the vibe always better across the pond. What definitely contributes is the sweet neon sign they have hanging on the walls. It give off a classic look that makes customers want to stay and blow the head off just one more cold one. Coupled with a dimmer, you cab also change the intensity of the light in your pub. The signs are generally relatively portable, so you can move it around your house as you see fit. The signs always come well packaged and use a quality method of shipping which you can select upon checkout. Shipping and delivery is expedited as fast as possible, to bring you the best prices and best service. We ensure delivery will be done as fast as possible.